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Poker stars deposit

poker stars deposit

Sts bet Pokerstars said transaction was stafs succesfull and I need 10 business days it comes back etars my depozit poker stars deposit. I got back in Pstars but my account is not credited at all. Players can check any bonuses they have, alongside information on expiry dates, redemption point requirements and more under the 'My Rewards' menu. Reply Quote.


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Poker stars deposit -

Please read the real money transaction processing and currency conversion terms and conditions before depositing. Giving players the tools to set limits on their deposits is one example of our commitment to Responsible Gaming.

You may view any existing deposit limits for each deposit method by clicking on the relevant method in the Cashier. The Cashier may also be used to increase deposit limits, if possible. Transfers are subject to a maximum transfer limit, and transferred funds may not be withdrawn without having been used to play games on our platform.

Transfers across different currencies are possible if both players sender and receiver have the same currency accounts set up within their Stars Accounts. Please note that deposited funds cannot be used in player transfers until the clearing period of the method in question has elapsed.

Please note: non-USD bets are converted to USD based on the mid-market exchange rate for reward point calculation purposes. The Fast Deposit feature is an even quicker way to fund your Stars Account and supports many popular deposit methods, including Visa, MasterCard and NETELLER.

Look for the Fast Deposit logo beside the deposit method in the Cashier. You will be given the option to enable this as your 'Fast Deposit Account' and submit transactions directly from the table. Learn more about Fast Deposits. These segregated accounts are managed by a leading European bank.

This arrangement ensures that we can at all times fulfil our monetary obligations toward our online players, and provides further reassurance that player funds are always secure with us.

We believe that you should be allowed to manage your own budget for playing online. I lose it in cash game Omaha. I made a second deposit with similar amount as first one. Randomized time Trustly wants me to login in my Bank account as security to proof that I own that Debit Card.

This time I need to do that login. But suddenly when login is done system wants me to do login second time. This has never happened me before so I refused 2nd time and cancelled it because didn't want double charge. I got back in Pstars but my account is not credited at all.

I checked my bank account and my bank account was charged. I watched Pokerstars software all the time when money is credited and so I could jump jump back in cash game.

I dont remember how long, maybe 30mins or so. Then I contacted support to ask my account credited. Support asked me to upload screenshot from my bank about that transaction.

Next day I get answer "After reviewing your account, we can confirm that the deposit was successful. We detected that you spent the deposit on an Omaha Game.

And as we know support can very easily verify that there is no hand histories after the deposit. Very unprofessional from them. Still I ask them to give me hand history which hands I've played after that deposit.

I am getting no answers to my question. Ok now this is getting ridiculous. When deposit is done I am not even directed back in cashier in 4 seconds. I just wonder how on earth in 4seconds Ive managed do all this -Directed back in software -reloaded my table balance -got into Big blind -start and finish my hand All that is done in 4seconds!!!!

We all know this is not possible. Not possible even joining the game no matter where the big blind. I was so stupid I did't download handhistories at this moment because I was so sure Pokerstars would notice their mistake. Next they forward my case into paymentservices.

Then they told me to wait 10 business days though it was charged already not in covering funds mode anymore. That was frustrating because we all knew 10 days doesn't change anything when it's full charged. I waited 10 days and nothing changed. Meanwhile 10 business days waiting time they also answered me that "We sent an email to inform you that a card processor malfunctioned on 23rd February In this period, you made your deposit s We credited the funds to your PokerStars account because we expected the processor to deliver them at a later stage, as it usually happens.

We could only correct this by debiting the funds from your PokerStars balance. Please open your bank statement and check for PokerStars transactions on these dates.

The processor issue is now resolved and your card s will get charged as expected. Okay I was very close to release next chest. I definitely had no wil to deposit anymore. But I't would have been stupid to lose that chest so I made succesfull deposit and cleared that chest bar. I lost that deposit and deposit worked fine.

Really dont understand what was this 23rd February deposit about because this my whole case was about 21rd February deposit. Does this guys eat mushrooms at work? Very unprofessional. They answer me back they can guarantee transaction was succesfull and my money is at Pokerstars account. And offer me a receipt about that.

I email Pokerstars my bank can guarantee that last deposit attempt was succesfull, Pokerstars was only one who forgotten credit my Stars account with money. Also told them my bank said there is a change to get document about that. Stars wanted that document.

But as we know nothing is free in this world. Specially banks usually have fee for everything. I asked Pokerstas who pays the document they want if it is not free? Pokerstars just said I usually get it free and they want the document no matter is it free or not.

I was like Pokerstars does mistake and they expect that I must deliver documents no matter do I have to pay to proof Pokerstars own mistakes.

Also I was pretty frustrated because already delivered them screenshots. Would that receipt make any difference would there be any new details? I got the document and took photo from receipt and delivered it to support. Then I got answer "Please find attached your playing audit for February , You may clearly see there one deposit made on 21 and another one on 21, both credited to your account balance.

You have four months deposkt each qualifying deposit to earn all the redemption points needed to us open betting your bonus. You sfars find more information www jackpot party casino slots poler deposit options that are available here. Live blackjack online casino may make up to 3 qualifying deposits so as depksit receive the maximum reward payable under this offer, provided that all qualifying deposits: i are made within 60 days from the date of the first qualifying deposit; and ii are made using bonus code STARS If no bonus code is used when making a qualifying deposit, and provided that all applicable terms of this offer are fulfilled, then:. Players have 4 months after each qualifying deposit to earn all the redemption points needed to release their bonus. The amount of reward that players can receive will depend on the number of redemption points that players earn during the relevant period. poker stars deposit

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